ARQIS advises Delivery Hero in Germany and Japan

03. JANUARY 2022

ARQIS advises Delivery Hero, the leading global online delivery service provider, on its downsizing of operations in Germany and the divestiture of its business in Japan.

Delivery Hero, part of the German DAX index, is refocusing its growth strategy in light of global developments. After a successful pilot phase in Berlin, operations in Germany were quickly expanded to other cities. However, since the launch of the foodpanda brand in Germany, the market has changed significantly, and thus Delivery Hero is scaling down its service. foodpanda will leave the cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. An innovation hub for new product features and technologies will be set up in Berlin. Around 70% of employees in the German entities will either be transferred or placed with other companies. Around 300 employees will receive support in their search for new jobs during a transition phase, as well as a severance package.

A very similar situation has evolved in Japan. Delivery Hero therefore plans to divest its Japanese entity. The divestiture process will be kicked off in Q1 2022 and will also be accompanied by ARQIS.

The team led by Dr. Friedrich Gebert advises Delivery Hero on all regulatory questions especially related to Quick Commerce.


Advisors to Delivery Hero

ARQIS (Dusseldorf): Dr. Friedrich Gebert together with Lisa-Marie Niklas (Lead and Ulrich Kirchhoff (Lead Japan divestiture process); Hanna Caesar, Virginia Mäurer, Carina Grahs, Jana Ammen (all HR.Law, Düsseldorf), Luise Schüling (Public&Regulatory Law, Düsseldorf)


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