E IN ESG, Sustainability, Climate Change


The significance of all environment-related aspects of conducting business has increased massively in recent years. Political and societal concerns about climate protection have put the focus firmly on the “environment” issue.

People are scrutinising to a greater extent and new criteria are being added. We provide you with comprehensive advice on issues ranging from project-related environmental and planning law to regulatory environment, health and safety (EHS) audits and chemicals legislation compliance (REACH, CLP and PIC). Our multidisciplinary team is also increasingly advising clients on significant soft law issues, such as securing your supply chain, effective crisis management, the impact of climate change on your business and production sites, your environmental footprint and carbon emissions, energy efficiency, the analysis of your energy use (going green) and impacts on biodiversity2.

We also support you in the development of sustainability and efficiency programmes and your sustainability report. The alignment of your company with the new environmental obligations is one of our core competences.

A new RISK assessment

Sustainability has taken the agenda by storm. Ever since the Federal Constitutional Court’s landmark decision on the insufficiency of the country’s climate action in 2021, climate neutrality has taken on constitutional significance in Germany. This will massively impact the decisions of the legislators and government authorities over coming years. Climate change proofing and sustainability criteria will affect future regulatory judgements. We can support our clients in this area of the law. As the global carbon budget becomes increasingly depleted, greater restrictions will be imposed on behaviour that is directly or indirectly associated with carbon emissions. This will result in serious infringements of freedoms in the economic sphere, making a forward-looking assessment essential2.2-Emissionen verbunden sind, beschränkt werden. Das wird gravierende Freiheitseingriffe in das Wirtschaftsleben nach sich ziehen. Ein vorausschauendes Assessment ist hier entscheidend.

Climate change, as a regulatory megatrend, will redefine the scope of economically relevant environmental and regulatory law. New reports detailing how climate change and climate risks are changing economies are being published on an almost daily basis. We help our clients to understand and manage the consequences of these regulated sectors. Our multidisciplinary team assists you to effectively manage risks in order to improve your performance and competitiveness. We support you in the transition to a more sustainable future.


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