The Legal 500 Germany Awards 2024: ARQIS is “ESG Firm of the Year”

ARQIS wins the first The Legal 500 Germany Awards 2024 and is honoured as “ESG Firm of the Year”. The team led by Dr Friedrich Gebert, Head of the Regulatory focus group, received the award on stage ...

Regulated industries

Climate change as a regulatory megatrend will reshape the scope of business-related environmental and regulatory law. Almost every day, new reports emerge on how climate change and climate risks are impacting economic life ...


Green Deal regulation

The Green Deal and the achievement of its objectives by 2050 will generate more demand for legal consultancy services in Europe than any other regulatory project over the years to come. We can provide forward-looking support with our cutting-edge advice ...


Environmental and planning law

Current environmental and planning law challenges, together with increasingly strict regulation in this area, underline the need for continuous adaptation to new legal developments and a stronger focus on global environmental concerns. Environmental and planning law affairs are becoming more and more complex as a result of overlapping EU, federal and often also state law provisions ...


Product Law

Strategic risk management is becoming increasingly important for companies in regulated industries. In many cases, it involves a combination of conflict avoidance and conflict solving. Our Product Law team unites civil and public law expertise, litigation skills and regulatory know-how – always with client interests front of mind ...


Transaction Green M&A

Due Diligence is key

Transactions are part of our Regulatory team’s DNA. We structure transactions with a focus on regulatory requirements and work together closely in large teams. We sometimes work in project organisations, especially when we are dealing with the impacts of environmental law on deals and companies. It is becoming increasingly evident that regulatory services are a decisive and value-adding factor in M&A transactions. Sustainability is also coming to the fore in mergers and acquisitions.


We have special transactions expertise in the field of renewable energies and the transition to green energy, i.e. green M&A We advise investors and energy companies on the acquisition of hydrogen projects, photovoltaic power plants and wind farms in Germany and Europe. Thanks to our many years of experience in the realisation of projects such as these, we have a detailed knowledge of the steps involved and the legal obstacles to be overcome. We find the perfect solution for every transaction, from land acquisition and planning permission proceedings to installation and grid connection. Large-scale infrastructure undertakings are part of our daily business.


Public litigation proceedings are also an established aspect of our work. Our Public Litigation team has longstanding experience in diverse litigation proceedings. We deal with a wide range of cases, including arbitration actions, from administrative courts to the Federal Constitutional Court.


Another focus of ours is public litigation in energy law. We represent and protect the interests of our clients in various courts of law with our expertise. For example, we represent energy suppliers in court on matters such as energy price caps and CO2 levies2.

Our ability to analyse complex legal issues enables us to develop innovative solutions. Implementing sustainable strategies in a constantly changing legal framework is our primary objective. At ARQIS, we combine legal excellence with modern strategies to deliver comprehensive support to our clients.


We particularly focus on climate actions, and there are currently more than 2,000 pending around the world. Now, as a result of the EU’s Green Deal, there will also be an increasing number of climate actions in Europe. Sentences imposing more ambitious climate targets on companies will be an increasingly significant factor in risk assessments. Clients facing climate actions benefit from our dependable support as the partner at their side.


The transition to a circular economy is a central component of the EU Green Deal. We provide comprehensive and forward-thinking support to clients who are transitioning from traditional production processes to a sustainable circular economy.

Our consultancy services extend beyond traditional waste legislation. We particularly focus on packaging requirements and comprehensive regulations from Brussels including the extension of the Ecodesign Directive’s scope of application to new sectors such as the fashion industry. We offer contemporary and pertinent legal solutions that help companies to overcome the challenges and successfully transition to a circular economy business model.

Our practical approach to facilitating our clients’ successful adoption of circular economy business models encompasses both legal solutions and strategic support. Our modern consultancy services are designed to support companies in this transformation process by not only ensuring that they satisfy legal requirements, but also achieve sustainable success as innovation leaders.

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The significance of all environment-related aspects of conducting business has increased massively in recent years. Political and societal concerns about climate protection have put the focus firmly on the “environment” issue ...



Reconciling corporate governance and responsibility is the great goal of ESG. But ESG is not only a moral obligation. Sustainable business also offers great opportunities.

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