The ARQIS Way represents our law firm’s mission. We map out our own approaches to forming our ideas and policies, and to acting in accordance with our positions and visions, so that we can develop concepts and solutions that are perfectly tailored to our clients’ requirements.

These three words reflect our competence, our aspirations and our values. They don’t just refer to the work with our clients, but to all areas that ARQIS comes into contact with.

At ARQIS we cultivate corporate, ecological and social responsibility.

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In our dealings with clients absolute equality is our priority. Our teams are very heterogeneous and diverse in the true sense of the word. We support every individual, irrespective of gender, ethnic background, culture and nationality, age or sexual orientation. That is what defines ARQIS as ARQIS. We cater to various life models – and work-life balance is an essential aspect of our law firm’s culture. According to a survey conducted by the specialist publication JUVE, ARQIS has the most international workforce of all law firms in the German market.

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One more idea, one different perspective, one step further: at ARQIS we have our own way of delivering solutions that not only surpass our client’s expectations, but often also our own.

ARQIS is CO2-neutral

We are proud to have been climate-neutral since 2020.

Over the past twelve months we have partnered with Planetly to precisely analyse our carbon footprint and offset our CO2 consumption by targeted investments in certified projects. In this several-month process we have learned a great deal about our carbon emissions and ARQIS has been retroactively carbon-neutral since 2020.