Regulated industries

Climate change as a regulatory megatrend will reshape the scope of business-related environmental and regulatory law. New reports on how climate change and climate risks affect economic life appear almost every day.


Large-scale industrial undertakings require forward-thinking legal support in order to meet complex, sector-specific requirements in a highly regulated environment. We promptly identify and proactively manage these challenges. Our clients are industrial parks, large-scale industrial plants, photovoltaic power plants, as well as onshore and offshore wind farms.

We provide a range of services to them including the structured analysis of legal risks, the development of effective strategies and the identification and resolution of potential challenges relating to approval procedures and regulatory compliance. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions that not only satisfy the relevant legal requirements, but also support their business objectives.


Legal counselling and expertise play a decisive role in the dynamically developing energy market, particularly in connection with the new energy sources of hydrogen, wind and solar. Our team specialises in providing comprehensive support to companies in these innovative sectors and ensuring their full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Our legal support services for projects in the hydrogen, wind and solar sectors extend from concept development to implementation, including the identification and management of legal risks and support in approval procedures.

With a clear focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility, we help you to make the most of the opportunities associated with renewable energies.


In this age of digital transformation and global networking, legal advice is a business-critical factor for companies with platform economy business models. We unite the relevant legal expertise with state-of-the-art strategies to effectively support platform economy enterprises.

The ARQIS experts are aware of the unique challenges and opportunities in this dynamic sector. Our lawyers have extensive experience and a profound understanding of innovative business models and digital ecosystems. We continuously monitor legal developments in order to provide proactive and comprehensive advice that can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements.


The fashion industry is highly regulated. We support you with a combination of legal expertise and contemporary strategies that take current legal requirements and the shift towards sustainability into account.

We understand the dynamic challenges and our clients benefit from our extensive sector know-how and profound understanding of current issues such as supply chain legislation, the EU Ecodesign Directive, microplastics regulation and PFAS.

We offer comprehensive support with a clear focus on future trends and a modern approach.


A central challenge associated with regulating climate change is the transformation of the energy and transport sectors. We are working closely with local communities, municipal utilities and companies at the forefront of the energy and transport sectors’ transformation.

The development of renewable energy sources such as wind farms and photovoltaic systems, as well as e-mobility projects, are focal aspects of our work in this area. The challenges are enormous – and regulatory requirements are setting the course. Hydrogen will be critical to the success of the energy and transport sectors’ transformation. Green hydrogen will replace coal, oil and gas as a second industrial energy supply mainstay alongside power from renewable energy sources. The objective is clear: H2 readiness.2-Readiness.

Ramping up the hydrogen market from hydrogen generation to industrial applications and hydrogen mobility will take massive investments and hands-on business acumen. The substantial subsidies available under the German Hydrogen Strategy will pave the way for the market in the same way that the Renewable Energies Act paved the way for the renewable power roll-out in 2000. We advise our clients in this process.


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