Compensation systems, participation schemes and pay transparency

Regulatory requirements for banks, asset managers and other financial services companies necessitate special supervisory and labour law expertise (including CRD IV/V, the German Remuneration Regulation for Institutions (InstitutsVergVO), the German Capital Investment Code (KAGB), AIFMD and UCITS) when it comes to compensation systems and sound compensation.

Our many years of experience in financial services enable us to meet all our clients’ needs, from compensation strategy development to compensation elements and compensation reporting. We also have vast experience beyond the regulated sphere in the development of participation schemes and compensation systems for executive managers, employees, start-ups, SMEs and international corporations. We are your partner for stock options/RSU, phantom stocks, LTIP, deferred compensation, cash bonus schemes, employee participation models and commissions, also including shareholding positions. We also represent our clients’ unwarranted actions for compensation proceedings.

Transparency of pay law is another of our areas of expertise, and we can help you to implement the mandatory internal audits and reports. We establish processes that allow you to respond quickly and reliably to employee information requests. In light of the indicative effect of such information in subsequent pay difference actions, this is a fundamental element of your HR compliance.

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