Green Deal regulation

The Green Deal and the achievement of its objectives by 2050 will generate more demand for legal consultancy services in Europe than any other regulatory project over the years to come. We can provide forward-looking support with our cutting-edge advice. The EU Green Deal has become the European Commission’s core initiative. In fact, the EU has indicated that it will be deploying all of its competition policy instruments – competition law, merger control, state aid law – to achieve the Green Deal ambitions.

The EU’s green and digital transformation will affect all sectors of the economy. Sustainability will set the agenda when it comes to the new circular economy, the regulation of plastic, the transformation of national energy and transport policies and even the finance industry with the EU Green Bonds. We are already monitoring these impacts and developments for you.

Traditional, national regulatory instruments in the manufacturing industry, such as the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), the Water Act and mining legislation are also affected. Our consulting activities in this area focus on mining, water and waste management and our advisory services cover the entire manufacturing supply chain, from raw material extraction to steel works and paper mills, as well as waste water treatment and recycling.

Up to now very few sustainability objectives have been established in these sectors. The pressure to adapt national laws to EU legislation will now result in an increase in regulatory demands in these focal areas. We have been supporting our clients in the relevant complex approval procedures for years. When regulation becomes your company’s lifeline, you can count on us.


Reconciling corporate governance and responsibility is the great goal of ESG. But ESG is not only a moral obligation. Sustainable business also offers great opportunities.


If you have any questions regarding Green Deal regulation, please feel free to get in touch with us.