Andrea Panzer-Heemeier is one of the 40 leading HR minds 2023

05. July 2023

Dr. Andrea Panzer-Heemeier has been named one of the 40 Leading HR Minds 2023 by the Haufe Group’s Personalmagazin. The renowned German HR magazine has presented this award every two years since 2013. Leaders from management, science and consulting who provide groundbreaking impulses for shaping a modern working world were honoured.

Recruiting skilled workers, home office regulations, collective bargaining policy or leadership culture have become competitive factors that are at the top of the agenda for many companies. With its list of the 40 leading HR minds, Personalmagazin wants to offer some guidance as to who the masterminds and trendsetters of the new world of work are. The award winners include, for example, HR managers Gunnar Kilian (Volkwagen AG) and Cawa Younosi (SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG) as well as professors such as Prof. Dr. Fabiola Gerpott (WHU Düsseldorf) and Prof. Dr. Antoinette Weibel (University of St. Gallen).

“Via social media, HR professionals are more visible than ever before. With the list of the 40 leading HR minds, we recognise those who have real influence and can make a difference, both in the company and in the HR community and society. Writing good posts is not enough,” explains Reiner Straub, publisher of Personalmagazin, adding: “The 40 HR minds are the architects of the new world of work.”

Andrea Panzer-Heemeier was named “Entrepreneur” in the Consultant category. Her expertise in the area of data protection as well as in the topic of works council remuneration was particularly highlighted. It says in the justification for the award: “With HR.Law, Andrea Panzer-Heemeier implements holistic advice on all HR issues at ARQIS and develops innovative solutions for practice beyond the well-trodden paths of labour law. (…) She is regarded as a doer who has built up a powerful law firm from modest beginnings that is now at the top of every law firm ranking.” Commenting on the award, the Managing Partner of ARQIS said, “As an employment lawyer, to be elected to this circle of top HR colleagues is a great honour for me. I am very pleased, together with the entire ARQIS team, to have taken the firm on this successful path.”

“The award-winning leaders have not only excelled in their work environment, but they have also actively participated in the debates and further development of the HR community,” Reiner Straub explains the selection criteria of Personalmagazin. The selection of the candidates took place in two stages. 150 people were nominated from the readership, experts, multipliers, and the editorial team. In the second step, the editorial team researched the nominees, created profiles, and made the final selection for the 40 leading HR minds now honoured.


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