Venture Capital

Venture Capital is your business. Ours is the legal side of it. We accompany you with knowledge and expertise, be it due diligence, investment or exit, for investors or entrepreneurs. We know both sides and have the economic understanding, so that the legal implementation at least is not a venture.

We deliver custom-tailored, pragmatic solutions as well as cost-effective, swift advice; reliable and with individual service.

From seed and early-stage investments to growth capital and genuine later stage financings, we are there delivering advice specifically and adequately for the respective financing situation and the related cost expectations. Our team has a track record of a three digit number of VC transactions and advices tailored to your requirements. We understand the market and the industry and we know that the needs of a team of founders are different to those of a business angel or a financial or strategic investor.

Starting with the drafting of a termsheet to and until the exit or a necessary restructuring, our advice and service is comprehensive, competent, efficient and serves the client’s cost expectations. Cost transparency is a crucial part of our services. You do not get standard work products (unless you want), but innovative solutions.