IP in M&A

As one of the leading international transaction law firms we know that very few corporate transactions go ahead without special consideration to both parties’ IP rights.

The close collaboration and fast responses of the consultants at our law firm pay off in these kinds of situations. In transaction projects our IP team always collaborates closely with colleagues in other legal departments. We can network the whole spectrum of legal specialisations so that the entire ARQIS team is involved in bringing your project to a successful conclusion. The IP team doesn’t just contribute its know-how in the due diligence process, but also supports the client in the pre- and post-transaction phase.

Our M&A services include:

  • IP due diligence
  • Transfer and licencing
  • Carve-out agreements
  • Interim and transitional arrangements
  • Post-closing handling


If you have any questions about IP in M&A please feel free to mail us.