Fast and circumspect action essential when a company is suspected of irregularities or non-compliance – irrespective of whether the suspicions are based on whistle-blower complaints, internal audits or official investigations. The first step in the process of risk assessment and action planning when suspicions are voiced is to quickly and thoroughly clarify the legal position. This provides a solid basis for the assessment of investigation results in liability or protection against dismissal processes at a later time. Internal investigations can help to safeguard company assets and reduce liability risks.

Our Internal Investigations team provides discreet advice to clients on all the legal issues that are relevant to internal investigations. This includes preventive advice during the establishment of a comprehensive investigation programme and ad hoc advice whenever fast support is required – if necessary in liaison with external defence, forensic and analysis teams. We also ensure that adequate consideration is given to data protection during the investigation and in responses to information requests.
In addition to that we advise you on works council co-determination rights, the involvement of the data protection office and GDPR/BDSG compliance.


  • Design, development and implementation of a comprehensive investigation
  • Comprehensive fact finding and reporting
  • Cooperation with authorities and external bodies
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of employee interviews and interrogations
  • Coordination of the data privacy aspects of forensic investigations
  • Dawn raid training and documentation
  • Follow-up labour law, corporate law and civil law measures (e.g. employment contract terminations or compensation for damages)


Through our panel of Defence and Investigation Professionals (DIPP), you have access to the expertise of leading defence lawyers and investigation experts at all times (e.g. to conduct independent investigations).


If you have any questions about Internal Investigations please feel free to mail us.