Data.Law by ARQIS is launched

09. July 2020

Launched today, Data.Law by ARQIS is a new, innovative and holistic legal service for data-related issues. Our team acts as a technically savvy, integrated data consultant who solves any issue on a one-stop basis. We tackle change projects and digital challenges together with the client – regardless of legal field, industry or location.

Data.Law by ARQIS draws on the proven expertise of ARQIS, which includes – besides in data protection law – also the relevant fields of IT, litigation, IP, compliance, commercial, Corporate/M&A and HR.Law. ARQIS has furthermore a successfully tested interdisciplinary network. This means that our clients have the expertise of digital strategists, data experts, IT security experts, communication experts or forensic experts at their disposal from a single source.

The Data.Law by ARQIS team works according to the Design Thinking principle. Unlike many methods in legal science and legal practice, which approach tasks in terms of their legal solvability, this method focuses on the business and its stakeholders. Design Thinking enables us to overcome traditional, outdated thinking, learning and working models, and to solve complex problems creatively in order to master digital transformation.

ARQIS partner Tobias Neufeld “As a result of digitalisation most companies face unprecedented changes,” he explained. “This also applies to companies whose business models are not data-driven, because value and supply chains are digitalising at an exponential rate for example.” Cybersecurity and data security requirements have also increased lately. Completely new questions are raised by the use of data, for example in the context of Big Data, AI, robotics and networked data structures in digital ecosystems such as the European GAIA-X.

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