ARQIS advises DBR Holding on pension buyout

08. December 2022

ARQIS has advised Frankfurt-based Deutsche Betriebsrenten Holding (DBR Holding) on the takeover of pension liabilities of a global healthcare technology group by way of a spin-off. This is a pension buyout transaction (Rentnergesellschaft).

DBR Holding takes over defined benefit pension obligations towards former employees of German companies of national and international groups and thus enables a true pension buyout and de-risking for the seller, as it has been established in the USA or UK for quite some time.

The subject of the advice provided by the ARQIS Pensions Group team was the legal structuring and implementation of the pension buyout to a pension SPV company held by DBR Holding. For this purpose, certain pension obligations of the transferring company towards company pensioners and vested retirees are spun off under the Transformation Act and transferred to the pension SPV company. The ARQIS Pension Group around partner Tobias Neufeld regularly advises on de-risking and outsourcing transactions regarding occupational pension schemes.


Berater DBR Holding

ARQIS (Dusseldorf): Tobias Neufeld (Partner, Lead, HR.Law), Dr Lars Laeger (Partner, Corporate Law), Anja Markworth (Special Counsel, HR.Law); Carolin Schlütter-Lückel (Managing Associate, Corporate Law)


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