10. September 2021

ARQIS has advised Agile Robots AG, a highly innovative robotics company, on its series C financing round with a total investment of 220 million US dollars. The proceedings from this financing exercise will be mainly used for the company’s product development, series production, and global sales expansion. Agile Robots is now the first German unicorn in the robotics industry and has a valuation exceeding 1 billion US dollars globally.

The financing round is led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, followed by financial investors including but not limited to Chimera Investments under Abu Dhabi Royal Group, Hillhouse Group, Sequoia China and Linear Capital, and strategic investors including Xiaomi Group, Foxconn Industrial Internet, and Midas founded by former Foxconn senior management.

Founded in 2018, with its headquarters both in Munich, Germany, and Beijing, China, Agile Robots is a robotics software platform company with the leading hardware know-how in robotics. With its unique hardware and software R&D capabilities, Agile Robots has launched its highly disruptive “robotic worker” that serves as a smart assistant to all kinds of workers and professionals from different fields to take over mundane or dangerous tasks.

Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, the founder of Agile Robots said: “With the unique technology by combining a robotic operating system and the world’s leading sensitive robots, Agile Robots is seeking for a fundamental breakthrough in the robotic area and realistically applying the next generation of robots into the intelligent precision assembly area and medical treatment, which can only be accomplished by human beings right now. With the supports from our reputable investors and customers, we are confident to push robotics into a new era with all our partners.”

Agile Robots trusted ARQIS once again. The Munich based team already led the series A as well as B financing rounds and currently coordinates the worldwide IP strategy. ARQIS also advised on the set-up of employee incentive programs for the Chinese and German employees as well as strategic partnership agreements with large corporates.

Advisors to Agile Robots

ARQIS (Munich): Prof. Dr. Christoph von Einem, Dr. Mauritz von Einem (both lead; both Venture Capital), Marcus Nothhelfer (IP/IT), Dr. Christof Alexander Schneider (Düsseldorf; Corporate Law); Associates: Benjamin Bandur, Louisa Theresa Graf, Anselm Graf (all Venture Capital), Nora Meyer-Stratmann (IP/IT)


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