HR requires more than labour law – HR.LAW BY ARQIS

The world is changing rapidly – and the world of work with it. For that reason, HR is facing complex challenges. Global matrix structures, human capital management, whistleblowing, transformation projects, big data, artificial intelligence and crowd funding are just a few of the topics not covered by classic labour law – yet they have arrived at every business. Or will arrive soon.

That is why classic labour law advice is no longer the best solution for companies. With HR.Law by ARQIS, we are offering you an innovative, holistic advisory solution to answer all HR questions – whether they are about labour law, compliance, company pension schemes, supervision or data protection law. We advise and support boards, directors, executives in HR and legal counsels in and out of court, both nationally and internationally. We understand the challenges you are facing, offer the necessary expertise and create a solution together, working interdisciplinary and strategic, added-value oriented, highly implementable and pragmatic.

A selection of HR issues, on which we can find legal solutions for you:

  • Demography, mindset & expectations of generations Y and Z
  • Digitisation/World of Work 4.0
  • Functional, global matrix organisations
  • New types of work (New Work/Gig Economy/Work 4.0/Collaborative Outsourcing)
  • M&A/Legal Entity Consolidation
  • Cost reductions and reductions in FTE with increasing demands
  • Regulation Overload (e.g. renumeration regulation, employment of external staff, transparency and information balance)
  • Data protection/Data loss/Know-how loss
  • Compliance/HR Compliance/Internal Investigation/Increased integrity, MeToo
  • HR-Technology (AI assisted recruiting, HR controlling, pre-employment screening, Vetting, talent management etc), HR Big Data, HCM Software
  • Pension schemes (pressure to save costs and obligatory pensions, pressure on existing systems due to demography/low-interest environment), CTA
  • New renumeration systems and strategies
  • Corporate Volunteering, Pro bono
  • Liability management/Crisis management/Business Continuity Management/Reputation management
  • CSR (minimum working standards ILO/GC) & Corporate Data Responsibility (digital literacy)

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Our advisory solutions for companies

  • Execution of labour law due diligence, creation and negotiation of labour law provisions in sale purchase agreements
  • Post-Merger-Integration, in particular harmonisation of works agreements, standardisation of company pension schemes, tariff changes
  • Advice during operational changes (e.g. restructurings, staff reductions, split-ups, relocations, operational restriction and closure) from the planning stage to negotiations of balance of interests and social plans to the conduct of possible protection against dismissal proceedings
  • Preparation and execution of staff reductions, in particular collective redundancies, establishment of employment and transfer companies
  • Support of outsourcing plans, solutions of problems regarding the transfer of undertakings, creation of notifications pursuant to Section 613 Para. 5 German Civil Code
  • Creation and optimisation of employment contracts
  • Implementation of new working hours models and innovative renumeration systems
  • Advice on works constitution issues, negotiation of works agreements on all subject matters up to the conduct of possible proceedings in front of a conciliation committee
  • Advice for the HR department on commonplace labour law problems such as the creation of warning letters, references, Works Council Hearings; advice on part-time related problems, dismissals on personal grounds or due to bad conduct
  • Solution to all data protection issues and use of IT in employment context