ARQIS TRADE AND PROTECT Legal Newsletter – IP/IT/Commercial – Edition 2/2016


The ARQIS TRADE AND PROTECT Legal Newsletter IP/IT/Commercial presents current topics in legislation and case-law in the fields of intellectual property law, IT law, e-commerce and general commercial law.

The current edition brings contributions on the following topics:

  • Data protection law, current legislation: Adoption of the new European General Data-Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Distribution Law: German Federal Court of Justice on restrictions to freedom of contract principle in the field of B2B, even where pre-drafted contract terms and conditions are introduced with an open invitation to provide “comments or change requests”
  • E-Commerce: Freely accessible B2B Internet-shops addressing commercial customers may be obliged to comply with comprehensive information obligations under consumer protection laws (Regional Court of Dortmund)
  • Trademark law: “COCA COLA COMPANY” – lack of distinctive character of the shape of a contour bottle with no fluting (General Court, EGC)

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