Data Protection Law

Data protection is a major challenge to business companies. On the one hand it is necessary to protect the rights of employees. On the other hand are the interests of the employer. Companies want and must protect their business and trade secrets as well as their resources. The correct handling of new media is to be guaranteed. Violations of copy rights are to be avoided. The efficiency of operational procedures by the use of technical possibilities is to be enhanced. Moreover, current laws and regulations often do not meet the fast-paced technical development.

We show new ways how you can use new technologies such as Voice over IP or Cloud Computing or Mobile Device Management (BYOD) as well as data bank based personally information systems and meet the requirements of data protection at the same time. We advise especially with regard to questions referring to data protection in international enterprises and the data transfer to countries outside of Europe, e.g. with regard to the implementation of enterprise-wide personnel data banks. Here we also always have in mind the compliance with the co-determination rights of works councils.
As a transaction orientated law firm we support you subsequent to M&A transactions with regard to legal integration of the IT infrastructure considering the regulations of co-determination. We find individual solutions for harmonizing regulations relevant for data protection and compliance guidelines after an acquisition and allow hereby a smooth post-merger-integration.


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