Cookies Guideline

Like most other websites, our websites also use so-called cookies. They are designed to continuously improve the user experiences of people visiting our site and to adapt our website to their personal requirements. In the following you experience what cookies are, which cookies we use and how you can administrate or delete them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small units of information, which your browser automatically stores in the main memory of your computer. Cookies are used for different types of functionalities, in particular to enhance the user-friendliness of websites. For instance a cookie can “remember” settings you have made, so that you don’t have to enter the settings again each time you access the website. We or our external service providers also use them mainly for analysing purposes, which allow us to analyse user behaviour on our websites hence enable a continuous improvement of our websites.

Cookies are either directly set by our websites (so-called First Party Cookies) or by other websites, whose contents appear on our website (so-called Third Party Cookies).

Depending on their function and purpose, cookies can be divided into four categories:

  1. Absolutely necessary cookies: absolutely necessary cookies are required so that you can navi-gate a website and use its functions. The complete functionality of the website cannot be guar-anteed without these cookies.
  2. Performance cookies: performance cookies collect information on the way a website is used, for instance, which pages a user calls up most frequently or whether the user receives error mes-sages. They are exclusively used to improve the website appearance and hence the user expe-rience. Performance cookies do not store any information, which allows the identity of a user to be revealed – the website user remains anonymous.
  3. Functional cookies: functional cookies enable a website to store information which has already been provided (for instance user name, choice of language and font size). This enables users to be offered more personal and improved functions. These cookies exclusively collect anony-mised information.
  4. Cookies for marketing purposes: cookies for marketing purposes are used to record the inter-ests of visitors and to adapt advertisements to their personal requirements. They are also used to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. For this purpose the collected information can be disseminated to third parties, for instance advertisers.

Use of cookies on our websites

We use the following cookies on our websites:
Name of cookie: _ga
Type: First Party
Purpose: Differentiation of users within the framework of Google Analytics.
Storage time: 2 years

Name of cookie: _gat
Type: First Party
Purpose: Anonymous analysis of user behaviour on our websites for improving our offer.
Storage time: 10 minutes

Name of cookie: wfvt_XXXXXXX, wordfence_verifiedHuman
Type: First Party
Purpose: For administrating the contents of our websites we use the web application WordPress. The cookie wfvt_(followed by an individual number) is used for analysing user behaviour on our websites to improve our offer. The cookie wordfence_verifiedHuman is used for the security of the website offer.
Storage time: 30 minutes, 24 hours

Name of cookie: cookie_notice_accepted
Type: First Party
Purpose: Saves users confirmation concerning cookies information.
Storage time: 30 days

Name of cookie: pum-4740
Type: First Party
Purpose: Saves when popup (modal) is closed by user and prevents the popup to show up again.
Storage time: 1 day

Administration and deletion of cookies

You can block or delete cookies as you please. Most browsers enable you to accept or reject all cook-ies for administrating them. Apart from this there is also the option of only accepting certain types of cookies. You will generally find instructions on this in the help function integrated in the browser or at:

Please note that possibly not all functions of our website will be completely available, insofar as you deactivate the use of cookies in your browser settings. Under certain circumstances you may have to manually carry out some settings every time you visit the website. You will find more information at: