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Immediately upon joining, our junior associates are deeply involved in working on client matters. You will work in teams with experienced lawyers and thus profit from the knowledge of the more senior colleagues in the firm. You will be accompanied on your career path by one of the ARQIS partners as a mentor for all questions related to your career. Our associates develop their strengths via „training on the job“ as well as via by participating in different trainings offered in the » ARQIS Academy «, our in-house-training programme.

The decision of whether an Associate will be promoted to the more senior role of “Managing Associate“ is taken after approximately three years within the firm. ARQIS offers special trainings to prepare the Managing Associates for their future roles as partners.

The decision of whether a Managing Associate will be made a partner is taken after approximately six years within the firm. The entry level for partnership is the one of a “Salary Partner“. Later on a Salary Partner may be made “Equity Partner“ – depending on the induvial personal and commercial development.

Since 2019, ARQIS also offers counsel status as a regular step on the path to partnership. The counsel position gives the partner candidates more time for intensive preparation, which is accompanied by the ARQIS Academy and, above all, individual development measures such as individual coaching.

All employees are treated equally. In addition, we take into account individual life schemes. For example, ARQIS offers temporary or permanent part-time working schemes to achieve a better balance between professional and family life.

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Legal trainees/Research associates

Legal trainees and research associates can apply their theoretical knowledge gained during their studies by supporting our lawyers. They are able to deepen their knowledge by “learning on the job“ and working closely with our lawyers as well as by participating in training events offered by the » ARQIS Academy «, our in-house-training programme.

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Student assistants

Student assistants can gain a first working experience by supporting our legal team. By doing so, the students get a first insight into the organisational and work streams of a law firm.

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